Asset Cache Not Updated on Other Cluster Members after Asset is updated on primary cluster member

With WebCenter Sites or later , after updating an asset on a primary cluster member , Asset Cache on other cluster member takes a while to update

Below are the two  possible causes of this issues

1.Incorrect Mutilcast setting 

  • Ensure that for each cluster member, the cs-cache.xml and linked-cache.xml has the same multicastGroupAddress and multicastGroupPort.
  • Make sure that the timeToLive is set appropriately. If the timeToLive is set to 0, but the cluster members are on different machines, the multicast messages will not reach the other cluster members.
  • The following are the valid settings for timeToLive

0 – same host
1 – same subnet
32 – same site
64 – same region
128 – same continent
255 – unrestricted

2.Check if all WebCenter Sites cluster members have synchronized system times