Oracle WebCenter Sites Upgrade/Fatwire Upgrade : High Level upgrade actvities

Below are the some of the high level activities to be considered while upgrading from Fatwire 7.X to WebCenter Sites 11g. This list can be considered as high level check list for Pre & Post upgrade.

Pre Upgrade Activities

  1. Make sure there are no open DB connections
  2. Disable all publishing schedules and ensure that no publishing sessions are running
  3. For JDK 1.6, copy the jaxb-impl-2.1.12.jar
  4. Update Classpath with MSXML.jar : Missing with our scripts
  5. Update start-up scripts with XX:MaxPermSize and -Dcs.useJavaURLDecoder to false and other JVM settings
  6. Update LD_LIBRARY_PATH with CS-INSTALL\bin directory
  7. Ensure that all external data feeds and events are disabled
  8. Disable Revision Tracking for the assettypes
  9. Add the path to WebCenter Sites’ modified version of the Microsoft XML Parser (MSXML.jar in the WEB-INF/lib directory).
  • If the class path refers to another version of the Microsoft XML Parser, WebCenter Sites will fail when parsing XML.

Post Upgrade Activities

  1. Copy Property Files
  2. Create custom/shared folders
  3. Copy Image & JS Folders
  4. Apply customizations
  5. After the upgrade, attribute forms will display additional fields which are not seen on a fresh installation. To make the attribute forms consistent with those of a fresh installation, you will edit the gator.ini file by setting the mwb.externalattributes property to false
  6. Create the start menus for PageAttribute, PageDefinition, and PageFilter so these asset types can be used.
  7. Re-Register the basic asset types
  8. Re apply any customizations on basic assets
  9. Enable Revision Tracking
  10. To enable publishing of site plan assets to the delivery system, initialize the RealTime destination. Initialization
  11. Create the SitePlan asset type on delivery
  12. Enable the publishing schedules
  13. Run Upgrade Utility . Publishing of approved assets will not function correctly until the upgrade utility is run
  14. Publish assets
  15. Rerun Search Indices
  16. Enable any events
  17. Clear Client Browser caches
  18. Verify