WebCenter Sites 11g : Edit Content assets in Admin UI

With WebCenter Sites 11g all the content creation /upgrade activities can be efficiently performed from a new Contributor Interface . However there would be cases where these basic content management activities needs to be performed from Admin interface.

By default Admin interface doesn’t let the user to edit assets.However you can set the property advancedUI.enableAssetForms in the futuretense_xcel.ini property file to true , so that authorized users can directly edit the assets from Admin interface.

The Property Files Reference describes this property as follows:

Used to enable and disable the WebCenter Sites Admin interface for content contributors. Access to the following assets is affected:
• All flex assets and their parent assets
• All basic assets
• Engage assets, such as recommendations, segments and promotions
• Query, Collection, and Page assets

By default, this property is set to false, which disables the WebCenter Sites Admin interface for content contributors. The assets listed above cannot be created, edited, searched for, or deleted, except from the WebCenter Sites Contributor interface, where they are supported by default.

Note: In the Contributor interface, asset types and assets intended for developers are either available only for inspection or they are inaccessible. They must be accessed from the WebCenter Sites Admin interface. For a comparison of features in the Contributor and Admin interfaces, see the WebCenter Sites User’s Guide.

Default value: false


Screen shot showing the additional tool bar options after resetting the property to true.